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Component Video Version 2



Set of three Individual 75ohm precision video cable terminated with true 75ohm RCA or BNC connectors.  With a 500Mhz bandwidth, this is truly among the best on the market!

Specifications   Prices and Options
  • High Purity Copper Center Conductors
  • Foam PE Dielectric
  • 100% Foil and 93% Copper Braid Shield
  • Structural Return Loss: 26 dB min. 1-500Mhz & 20dB min. 500-2GHz
  • True 75 Ohm RCA or BNC connectors with Gold Plated Contacts

Standard Length 2 feet (per Set) - $65.00

Each additional foot (per set) - $5.00

Terminated with Ultra High Quality True 75 Ohm RCA or BNC Connectors (your choice)