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Silver Resolution Reference Analog Interconnects




High Purity multi-strand silver alloy interconnect that combines all the strength of silver, but without the associated harshness often found with silver cables offered in this market.

The uniquely designed Silver Resolution interconnect achieves unequalled resolution and coherence across the frequency spectrum, along with awesome, awesome bass. Without a question one of the finest sounding interconnect by any standard!

The ETI Bullet Plug (shown above) is no longer available

Shown with the Optional Neutrik ProFi RCAs

Optional Neutrik ProFi

Optional KLEI Silver

Specifications   Prices and Options


  • 2 conductors, 5N Silver/Copper Alloy strands (each channel)

  • Insulation for each conductor - thin wall Extruded Teflon

  • Effective gauge size per channel - 22awg

  • Shield - braided 5N Silver Plated OFC

  • Outer Jacket - Extruded Teflon

  • Geometry - Internal Twisted


  • Nom. Capacitance - 18.1 pF/ft

  • Nom. Conductor DC Resistance - 20.1 Ω/1000 ft

  • Nom. Inductance - 0.12 ÁH/ft

Silver Resolution RCA - Pair

Silver Res Neutrik ProFi - Pair

Silver Res KLEI Silver Harmony - Pair

Per Pair Standard Length (2 feet) terminated with High Quality Gold Plated RCA connectors-

Price for a single cable (for one channel) is 50% of the per pair prices

*** the Special Price is for a limited time only***