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Silver Resolution Reference Speaker Cables



This Fine 5N multi-strand pure silver and high purity OFC hybrid speaker cable has a unique geometry not found in any other speaker cables. It truly gets the best of both worlds: Transparency, speed and neutrality in spades with one of the best bass extension we've heard! This speaker cable is eager to be compared against the VERY BEST!

Standard Spades are now Gold plated

BFA bananas shown

Specifications   Prices and Options


  • Each cable contains 4 stranded silver conductors and 4 stranded bare copper conductors

  • Insulation for each conductor - thin wall Teflon tube

  • Outer Jacket - Teflon Tape / Teflon

  • Effective gauge size per channel - 12awg

  • Geometry - Internal Twisted, Cross Linked


  • Nom. Capacitance - 18.1 pF/ft

  • Nom. Conductor DC Resistance - 1.85 Ω/1000 ft

  • Nom. Inductance - 0.13 ÁH/ft


* The Shopping Cart below indicates Per Channel Only. For Stereo Pair please change the quantity to 2 at checkout *

Silver Resolution Single-Wire - Per Channel
Termination Choices
Silver Resolution Bi-Wire - Per Channel
Termination Choices
Silver Resolution Bi-Amp - Per Channel

Per Stereo Pair Standard Length (4 feet) including terminations

  • Price per stereo pair - $289.00  *Special* - $259

  • Each additional foot (pair) - $40.00

  • Add $40 per pair for bi-wire configuration

  • Add $80 per pair for bi-Amp configuration

Standard Terminations (all Gold Plated)

  • Std sized Spades (1/4" - 5/16")

  • Banana plugs

  • 1/4" Spades

  • Pins

  • Small spades (for barrier strips)

Price for a single cable (for one channel) is 50% of the per pair prices

*** the Special Price is for a limited time only***