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The Analog Two is our best
The Logical Choice for Music Lovers!

At Signalcable

At SignalCable, we strive for the highest standard in quality and customer service. Our superior design and our results oriented approach have resulted in of the best price/performance ratio in the industry. In addition, our knowledge gained from our own experiences and well as customer feedback enabled us to make sensible recommendations for your specific system and your musical taste. Our overwhelming Customer Feedback is one of many reasons that SignalCable will be the last stop in your "cable upgrade route"!

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Magic Power!
The Analog Two is our best

Our popular MagicPower Cord is also supplied with Velodyne's $15K Signature 1812 Subwoofer? See Shane's review at

The Ultra Speaker Cables
Sennfeiser Cable

"The systemís dynamics improved and the soundstage grew larger and more lifelike. There was a greater sense of depth and solidity."

Affordable Reference
The Analog Two is our best

Our latest proprietary silver and hybrid designs makes our Silver Resolution line one of the most accurate cables. Check out a recent review from BFS

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- New! The excellent Furutech C7 IEC connector is now available with our Digital and Video Reference Cords!

- Recommended by as a part of "Most Wanted Components for 2008"

- Interconnects (Analog Two) and Speaker cables(Classic) were used as reference cables in an Absolute Sound review. (Issue #141 / April 2003 - May 2003, review for Canton Ergo 900 DC Loudspeaker)