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Power Cables

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MagicPower Power Cord

MagicPower Digital Reference

Silver Resolution

Our Best-selling Power Cord based on a 10 AWG three conductor twisted design and high quality Marinco HG connectors. Recommended for most Amplifiers.

Starting at $89

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Designed for your best digital components. 12awg High Purity Copper conductors, double shielding, and 100%  Teflon Insulation. It keeps getting rave reviews!

Starting at $109

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Our Reference cord with 12awg Silver Alloy conductors, 100%  Teflon Insulation, terminated with Wattgate or Furutech Connectors

Starting at $169

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MagicPower Video Reference


MagicStrip 4-outlet Power Extension

A near "perfect" cord for video applications and budget digital components! A slightly warmer character makes it an especially good match with bright sounding gears.14 AWG three conductors with 100% shielding

Starting @ $59

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A perfect solution when you run out of power outlets!  Utilizes the accomplished Magic Power Cord matched with Marinco Male Plug and High Quality Hubbell 20 Amp 4-Plex Box, the MagicStrip will not sacrifice current delivery, it is truly the best power extension on the market!

Starting @ $129

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