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Speaker Cables

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Classic Speaker Cables


Ultra Speaker Cables

Silver Resolution

REL Speakon

Our entry-level offering. Transparent, neutral and detailed,  perfect for moderately powered 2 channel and HT systems. It is simply a great value!

Starting @ $99/pair

*Special* - $89/pair

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Our Best-Selling speaker cable is also our top-of-the-line copper speaker cable. The Ultra excels in transparency, neutrality, frequency extension. Truly affordable reference!

Starting @ $159/pair

*Special* - $139/pair

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Our reference speaker cable consists of a silver/copper hybrid design, its extreme accuracy and transparency makes it an ideal cable for the most discerning audiophiles!

Starting @ only $289/pair!

*Special* - $259/pair

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This is a true audiophile quality cable for connection between your power amplifiers and your Rel Sub-Bass System!

Starting @ only $159!

*Special* - $139

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